What to do

If you are here, you probably need a vacation on the beach. BUT, what if we can tell you there is way more to see and do in the area, than just simple tan in the sun?

There are a few important forts to admire nearby, starting with Fort Boyard and Fort Vauban – even Fort Enet worth a short visit if you love history and old architecture. Kayaking, golf and tennis are the most sought-for outdoor sports you can try. As usual in this part of France, at the Atlantic Ocean, cruising is advised.

A series of restaurants are spread along the shorelines, most notable those serving sea foods or the famous French crepes (pancakes). Start with something sweet at  Gwel Kaer , then try fresh fish in Ti Sable while admiring the marvelous sea panorama. If you need something less fancy, take a look at Pizz Azzura.

Straight on the beach, with your feet properly sitting on sand, try L’Ocean.