How to get here

You are likely to arrive from Paris or the central part of France. If so, there are two major possibilities, by car:

  • Take A10 highway direction south from France capital, passing through Tours and Poitiers (best route in our opinion) and turn right at the first roundabout after Aire de Repos de la Bénate rest stop on D739; this way, you have to drive around 5 hours and burn gas for 489km.
  • Take A11 on a slightly westerly course, passing by Chartre, Le Mans, and Angers. Just before Angers switch on A87. After Cholet take A83 and go all the way to Fouras and the seaside area. This second alternative takes around 5 and a half hours to complete by car, a bit longer than the first route.

If you are coming from Bordeaux, your best choice will be the same A10 and switch to A837 just a few kilometers after passing Saintes.

Coming from Angoulême, you have to follow N141 and go around Saintes, then take A10 to the same point as above, to switch on A837.

We’d be more than happy to assist you further. Give us a call!